Microblogging, reimagined.

Murmur is a micro-blogging platform that gives users the ability to share freely, control their data, trace the origins of any story to help prevent fake news and get content rewards.

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Control your data

Information uploaded by an individual is completely owned by them, and not by any platform or the underlying software/network. This gives users control over their data, and they can choose to share it with networks that build on top of Murmur.

Prevent fake news

Every transaction on a blockchain is traceable to its origin. This helps minimize fake news by verifying the source behind false information.

Get content rewards

You take back value for being a part of Murmur in the form of the MUR token, paid for by the network and partner platforms.

Murmurs are captured on the blockchain. This way, everyone knows who’s created what.

  • EOS-based account

    Create your EOS blockchain account to generate public/private key pairs. Delegate account in case of contingencies.

  • Consent-driven privacy

    Cryptographic encryption of private data along with a decentralized validation network equals to consent driven user privacy.

  • Protocol integration

    Murmur supports partner platforms with APIs and SDKs, enabling possibilities such as ad networks which pay the user and the signing into third-party apps with Murmur.


Like any other micro-blogging platform, only better.

Murmur is an open, decentralized social interaction platform that never holds your data or personal information.
Your profile exists independently, separate from the application, and interfaces with the app only for purpose of managing access. This ensures that you retain complete control over the data you share with others, including advertisers and third parties associated with the app, on top of the freedom of content creation. Only remote copy of a user’s public activity is logged in the server.


Public message worth 256 characters are called Murmur. Murmurs are broadcasted on the EOS blockchain.


Sharing a Murmur within your network turns it into a Yell. Yells are also recorded on the EOS blockchain


Anonymously appreciating a murmur qualifies as a snoop. Creator of the murmur never knows who’s ‘snooped’.


Private messages between you and a peer are called as whispers. Contents of a whisper are encrypted.


Try Murmur

Download the Murmur app, create two murmurs and earn 100 MUR tokens right away. Refer 3 friends and earn 40 additional MUR Tokens.
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