Claim 100 MUR tokens for downloading Murmur.

Follow the steps below and be among the first to receive EOS MUR tokens

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A first-of-its-kind micro-blogging platform on the EOS blockchain, Murmur is the place for truth and built on trust. Like most social media and micro-blogging platforms of the time, Murmur is the place for peer-driven content and conversations, only more open, decentralized, and rewarding than most.

Be among the first to download and install the app [Android only] and earn MUR tokens. MUR tokens - tradable just like any other Token based on the EOS Blockchain - and can be used in the platform as content rewards, for peer-to-peer payments, for in-app purchases and more.

Token Overview

Token Total supply: 1 Billion

Token type: EOS-based Token.

Decimal points: 4

Token name: Murmur

Token symbol: MUR

Tokens for distribution: 500 million.

  • Tokens for the airdrop: 5 million

  • Tokens for fundraising/user incentivization: 495 million

Tokens for the team: 500 million (including advisors)

To participate in the airdrop

  1. Download the Murmur app on your Android device October 25, 2018 onward.

  2. Create a new account with Murmur and post at least 2 murmurs. These must be meaningful murmurs, and more than just a ‘hi’ or a ‘hello’.

  3. View your referral code in the app and invite 3 of your contacts to download and try the app.

  4. Like Murmur on Facebook and join the Murmur Telegram group (optional)

Receive 100 MUR Tokens for registering on the app, and 40 MUR Tokens for referring 3 friends. The referrals are limited to 3 friends, if the user refers more or less number of friends, the Tokens distributed remains the same.Token distribution will start from October 30, 2018 onward and will take place in the account created on the app.